Action of endothelin-1 on rat astrocytes through the ETB receptor.

  title={Action of endothelin-1 on rat astrocytes through the ETB receptor.},
  author={Hiroshi Hama and Takuya Sakurai and Yoshitoshi Kasuya and Minoru Fujiki and Tomoh Masaki and Katsutoshi Goto},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={186 1},
We investigated the effect of ET-1 on the state of rat cerebral astrocytes (AC) differentiation. AC ceased to proliferate and changed into its differentiated state by treatment with dibutyryl cyclic AMP (DBcAMP). The cell growth activity in DBcAMP-treated AC was stimulated by ET-1 in a dose-dependent manner. Over similar dose ranges, ET-1 suppressed the glutamine synthetase activity in DBcAMP-treated AC. The molar potency of ET-1 in this action was at least 3 orders of magnitude higher than… CONTINUE READING
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