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Action learning and action research: paradigm, praxis and programs

  title={Action learning and action research: paradigm, praxis and programs},
  author={Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt},
Action learning and action research are increasingly applied in organisations, academia and the community to help understand, implement and effectively manage change. Explains the relevant concepts, frameworks and processes involved and enhances the theoretical approach with actual case studies from the Asia-Pacific region. The challenges and appropriate responses for business, education, social and cross-cultural contexts are outlined, enabling practical application in real-life situations. A… 
An Exploratory Critique of Action Learning in Higher Education in South Africa: Barriers and Challenges
Abstract This exploratory study investigated the perceptions of staff and students about the Action Learning implementation of Action Learning in higher education. Using judgemental sampling, a
Partnerships in Action: Self-directed Community Learning
A shift is evident in views of professional development and ways knowledge is developed and applied in workplace environments. There is considerable evidence that situated action is likely to engage
Integrating action learning practices into executive coaching to enhance business results
Coaching-based development is growing in prominence as a means of enhancing the achievement of leadership outcomes in Australian business. This article seeks to demonstrate how the application of the
Using action research for change in organizations: processes, reflections and outcomes
  • J. Molineux
  • Business
    Journal of Work-Applied Management
  • 2018
This paper is a viewpoint on successful change management techniques using action research based on experience in the use of systemic thinking and systems practices based on the author's unique experience in systemic change processes.
The applicability of action research to IMC
This work examines the decision processes behind the choice and application of ‘high level’ emancipatory type AR in the context of IMC and produces a broadly generalisable Action Research Risk/Reward Matrix.
Using Art as a Medium to Enhance Social Responsibility and Citizenship
Abstract The aim of this research is to consider the impact of a Service-Learning module aiming at enhancing social responsibility and citizenship by using art as a medium for learning and
Evaluation as work in progress: Stories of shared learning and development
Culture change programs that attempt to identify, challenge, and change inequities and discrimination represent major challenges for evaluators: these are shifting sands, subject to many external
Laying foundations for an effective professional learning community in a new primary school : an action research study
This study explores the culture of a new primary school, as it is engaged in the process of setting its policies, developing pedagogies and introducing organisational structures. Specifically, it
Professional Learning through an Action Research Thesis
The purpose of this chapter is to identify the quality characteristics of an action research thesis, compared to traditional research thesis writing, by drawing on the literature and our experience


A generic model for action learning and action research programs within organizations
There is an extensive literature on Action Learning and Action Research (ALAR) relating to their nature, epistemology, theories, methodologies, methods, techniques, applications, examples and
Professional Development in Higher Education: A Theoretical Framework for Action Research
Part 1 Praxis in higher education: practical reasoning the dialectical relationship between theory and practice in higher education. Part 2 Theory in higher education: theories of knowing and
Action learning and leadership
To be successful in the new global environment, twenty‐first century leaders must increase their ability to function in seven key roles, namely, as a systems thinker, change agent, innovator,
Action Research in Higher Education: Examples and Reflections.
Action research in higher education action research for improving and advancing learning and teaching examples of action research helping undergraduate students learn helping postgraduate students
Action Learning: How the World's Top Companies are Re-Creating Their Leaders and Themselves
Part One: Action + Learning = Change 1. The Action Learning Framework 2. Stories of Action Learning in Action: Three Types of Action Learning 3. Why Change? Rising to the Challenges of the New
Teachers investigate their work : an introduction to the methods of action research
The research diary is a companion to the research process and behind the scenes: a theoretical foundation for action research.
Human inquiry : a sourcebook of new paradigm research
Sets forth a new paradigm for the philosophy and practice of research in fields of human activity: a collaborative, experimental approach in which inquiry is firmly rooted in subjects' experience of
ABC of Action Learning
This chapter discusses the characteristic assumptions of action learning, the characteristics of the manager, and some experiences of launching action learning as well as the enterprise as a learning system.
Qualitative Methods in Management Research
Qualitative Research in Management Access Through Different Roles Preunderstanding and Understanding Case Study Research Quality of Academic Research and Management Consultancy An Action Science
Grounding grounded theory : guidelines for qualitative inquiry
Prologue. Introduction. A Mixed Marriage. Categories. Categorization. Coding. Concluding. Process and Causality. Structures and Agency. Making Fit Theory. Making Theory Fit. Grounding Grounded