Action-Angle and Complex Coordinates on Toric Manifolds

  title={Action-Angle and Complex Coordinates on Toric Manifolds},
  author={Haniya Azam and Catherine K. A. Cannizzo and Heather Lee},
  journal={Association for Women in Mathematics Series},
In this article, we provide an exposition about symplectic toric manifolds, which are symplectic manifolds (M, ω) equipped with an effective Hamiltonian T = (S)-action. We summarize the construction of M as a symplectic quotient of C, the T-actions on M and their moment maps, and Guillemin’s Kähler potential on M . While the theories presented in this paper are for compact toric manifolds, they do carry over for some noncompact examples as well, such as the canonical line bundle KM , which is… 



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