Actinobacillus sp. bacteremia in foals: clinical signs and prognosis.

  title={Actinobacillus sp. bacteremia in foals: clinical signs and prognosis.},
  author={Allison Jean Stewart and K W Hinchcliff and William Saville and Eduard Jos{\'e}-Cunilleras and Joanne Hardy and Catherine W Kohn and Stephen M. Reed and Joseph J Kowalski},
  journal={Journal of veterinary internal medicine},
  volume={16 4},
Medical records of 101 blood culture-confirmed bacteremic foals were reviewed to determine whether foals with Actinobacillus sp. bacteremia are affected at an earlier age, have more severe signs of disease, and have a worse prognosis than do foals with bacteremia of other causes. Thirty percent (30/101) of bacteremic foals had Actinobacillus sp. cultured… CONTINUE READING