Actin-myosin–based contraction is responsible for apoptotic nuclear disintegration

  title={Actin-myosin–based contraction is responsible for apoptotic nuclear disintegration},
  author={Daniel R. Croft and Mathew L Coleman and Shuixing Li and David P. Robertson and Teresa L. Sullivan and Colin Lawson Stewart and Michael F Olson},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={245 - 255}
Membrane blebbing during the apoptotic execution phase results from caspase-mediated cleavage and activation of ROCK I. Here, we show that ROCK activity, myosin light chain (MLC) phosphorylation, MLC ATPase activity, and an intact actin cytoskeleton, but not microtubular cytoskeleton, are required for disruption of nuclear integrity during apoptosis. Inhibition of ROCK or MLC ATPase activity, which protect apoptotic nuclear integrity, does not affect caspase-mediated degradation of nuclear… CONTINUE READING


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