Actin-filled nuclear invaginations indicate degree of cell de-differentiation.

  title={Actin-filled nuclear invaginations indicate degree of cell de-differentiation.},
  author={Nicole Johnson and Matthew Krebs and Rosanne M Boudreau and Gisele Giorgi and M Legros and Carolyn Larabell},
  journal={Differentiation; research in biological diversity},
  volume={71 7},
For years the existence of nuclear actin has been heavily debated, but recent data have clearly demonstrated that actin, as well as actin-binding proteins (ABPs), are located in the nucleus. We examined live EGFP-actin-expressing cells using confocal microscopy and saw the presence of structures strongly resembling actin filaments in the nuclei of MDA-MB-231 human mammary epithelial tumor cells. Many nuclei had more than one of these filamentous structures, some of which appeared to cross the… CONTINUE READING