Actin-binding and Cell Proliferation Activities of Angiomotin Family Members Are Regulated by Hippo Pathway-mediated Phosphorylation*

  title={Actin-binding and Cell Proliferation Activities of Angiomotin Family Members Are Regulated by Hippo Pathway-mediated Phosphorylation*},
  author={S. W. Chan and C. J. Lim and Fusheng Guo and I. Tan and Thomas Leung and W. Hong},
  journal={The Journal of Biological Chemistry},
  pages={37296 - 37307}
  • S. W. Chan, C. J. Lim, +3 authors W. Hong
  • Published 2013
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • Background: LATS kinase, one of the core kinases of Hippo pathway, phosphorylates and inactivates the downstream coactivator YAP/TAZ. Results: The angiomotin (Amot) family members are phosphorylated by LATS kinase. Conclusion: Phosphorylation of Amots by LATS kinase inhibits actin-binding, stabilizes Amot, and inhibits cell proliferation. Significance: Besides phosphorylating YAP/TAZ, LATS kinase may phosphorylate other components of the Hippo pathway. Whether the Hippo pathway has downstream… CONTINUE READING
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