Actin activation of the myosin ATPase: a kinetic analysis.

  title={Actin activation of the myosin ATPase: a kinetic analysis.},
  author={R W Lymn},
  journal={Journal of theoretical biology},
  volume={43 2},
Lymn and Taylor ( Lymn, 1970 ; Lymn & Taylor, 1971 ) proposed that actomyosin hydrolyzes MgATP by the following mechanism: In this paper I have used the steady-state equations for the above scheme to calculate the velocity of reaction which would be expected at 10 −3 M ATP, and various actin concentrations. I have made use of measured and probable values for the rate constants. The known rate constants predict that a plot of 1/ V vs. 1/ A will be linear, as observed by Eisenberg & Moos (1968… CONTINUE READING

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