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Acrospermum chilense sp. nov. from Chile and the Acrospermales ord. nov.

  title={Acrospermum chilense sp. nov. from Chile and the Acrospermales ord. nov.},
  author={David William Minter and Hernan Peredo and Anna T. Watson},
  journal={Boletin de la Sociedad Argentina de Botanica},
The authors dedicate this work to that most distinguished Argentine mycologist, Prof. Irma Gamundi, on the occasion of her birthday. The senior author, in particular, wishes to thank her for companionable field excursions together, and for fruitful collaboration. Although this beautiful new species was collected in Chile, the type locality is no more than a few kilometres across the border from Argentina’s Puerto Blest, one of her favourite foraying areas. The authors therefore collectively… 

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