Acrosomal exocytosis, a special type of regulated secretion.

  title={Acrosomal exocytosis, a special type of regulated secretion.},
  author={Luis S. Mayorga and Claudia N Tomes and Silvia A Belmonte},
  journal={IUBMB life},
  volume={59 4-5},
The acrosome is a single secretory granule present in the head of mammalian--and other animal groups--sperm. Secretion of this granule is an absolute requirement for physiological fertilization. Acrosome exocytosis is a synchronized and tightly regulated all-or-nothing process, with no recycling of membranes. In the last few years, it has been shown that acrosomal exocytosis is mediated by a molecular mechanism that is homologous to that reported in the secretion of neuroendocrinal cells… CONTINUE READING