Acrometastasis: a literature review.

  title={Acrometastasis: a literature review.},
  author={Daniele Stomeo and Arianna Tulli and A Ziranu and Carlo Perisano and Vincenzo de Santis and Giulio Maccauro},
  journal={European review for medical and pharmacological sciences},
  volume={19 15},
OBJECTIVE Acrometastases are a rare observation, and account for approximately 0.1% of metastases. Every age can be affected, with a male predominance. The most common primary cancer site is the lung, followed by the colo-rectal, breast and genito-urinary tract. They are most commonly seen in pre-terminal patients with wide-spread disseminated disease. Rarely, they may be the first presentation of occult silent cancer, mimicking a benign condition. There is no standard treatment. We reviewed… CONTINUE READING