Acromelia‐oligodontia syndrome

  title={Acromelia‐oligodontia syndrome},
  author={Jyothirmai Talasila and Ramaswamy Pachigolla and Kiranmai V S N Yarlagadda and Ramu Vuppala and K. -H. Grzeschik and S SaiKiranKV and Catherine M. Rose and Gary S Gottesman and Zsolt Urb{\'a}n},
  booktitle={Clinical case reports},
This case report describes a patient with ankyloglossia, oligodontia, unilateral hypoplasia of the zygoma and mandible, along with bilateral distal reduction anomalies of his limbs without long bone abnormalities. This may represent a mild variant of oromandibular limb hypogenesis syndrome, expanding the phenotypic spectrum, or a previously unrecognized… CONTINUE READING