Acquired lightheadedness in response to odors after hyperventilation.

  title={Acquired lightheadedness in response to odors after hyperventilation.},
  author={Ilse van Diest and Steven De Peuter and Katrijn Piedfort and Johan Bresseleers and Stephan Devriese and Karel P Van de Woestijne and Omer Van den Bergh},
  journal={Psychosomatic medicine},
  volume={68 2},
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to investigate whether lightheadedness in response to odors could be acquired through previous associations with hyperventilation-induced hypocapnia. METHODS Diluted ammonia and acetic acid served as conditional odor cues (CSs) in a differential associative learning paradigm. Hyperventilation-induced hypocapnia (unconditional stimulus [US]) was used to induce lightheadedness. In a training phase, participants (n = 28) performed three hypocapnic and three normocapnic… CONTINUE READING