Acquired haemophilia A: a case report.


A 40 year old male patient was admitted in ICU of Hosmat Hospital & Research Centre, Bangalore. There was a history of fall from a motor bicycle. There was a marked swelling over the lower twothird of his right thigh. X-ray of the thigh revealed no fracture. There was a massive muscle hematoma. Hematoma was gradually increasing in size giving indication of persistence of bleeding. The patient also started getting epistaxis. The clinical picture was giving a strong suspicion of a bleeding or coagulation disorder.

DOI: 10.1007/s11739-009-0307-7

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@article{Colomba2010AcquiredHA, title={Acquired haemophilia A: a case report.}, author={Daniela Colomba and Domenico Di Raimondo and Luciana Marino and Rita Marrone and Giuseppe Licata}, journal={Internal and emergency medicine}, year={2010}, volume={5 2}, pages={169-71} }