Acquired equivalence between cues trained with a common antecedent.

  title={Acquired equivalence between cues trained with a common antecedent.},
  author={Geoffrey Hall and Eleanor Ray and Charlotte M. T. Bonardi},
  journal={Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes},
  volume={19 4},
In Experiment 1, rats experienced 2 stimuli (A and N) each preceded by the same event (food) or by different events (food preceded 1 but not the other). N was then paired with shock, and the generalization of conditioned suppression to A was assessed. Generalization was more marked when A and N had been experienced along with a common antecedent. In Experiment 2, 3 stimuli (A, B, and N) were presented in initial training. For 1 group, A and N were preceded by food and B was not; for a 2nd group… CONTINUE READING