Acquired chromosome rearrangements in human lymphocytes: effect of aging

  title={Acquired chromosome rearrangements in human lymphocytes: effect of aging},
  author={Marguerite Prieur and W. Al Achkar and Alain Aurias and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Couturier and A. M. Dutrillaux and Bernard Dutrillaux and A. Fl{\"u}ry-Herard and Mich{\`e}le Gerbault-Seureau and Françoise Hoffschir and Eug{\'e}nie Lamoliatte and Danielle Lefrançois and Martine Lombard and Martine Muleris and Michelle Ricoul and Laure Sabatier and Evani M Viegas-P{\'e}quignot},
  journal={Human Genetics},
A prospective study of structural rearrangements occurring in normal lymphocytes was carried out. For each of two newborns and four young and two old adults, about 1000 metaphases from 72-h and 120 from 48-h cultures were studied. The frequency of rearrangements between bands 7p14, 7q35, 14q11.2 or 14q12 and 14qter, which is on the average about 0.003, is higher in newborns (0.0043) than in adults (0.0024). Conversely, the rearrangements involving other bands, which have a frequency of 0.025 on… CONTINUE READING

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