Acquire, analyze and share auscultation sounds: The ASAP project

  title={Acquire, analyze and share auscultation sounds: The ASAP project},
  author={Sandra Reichert and Raymond Gass and Amir Hajjam and Abderraf{\`i}{\^a}a Koukam and Gerard Nguyen and Christian Brandt and Emmanuel Andres},
  journal={2009 International Conference on Computers & Industrial Engineering},
Be able to distinguish and characterize abnormal auscultation sounds is important for an accurate medical diagnosis. Even though several researches have been done on the analysis of auscultation sounds, today auscultation remains subjective and difficult to share. In the context of the MERCURE telemedicine platform, we started a project called ASAP. It deals in developing objective tools for the analysis of auscultation sounds and creating an auscultation sounds' database in order to compare… CONTINUE READING