Acoustophoretic removal of proteins from blood components.

  title={Acoustophoretic removal of proteins from blood components.},
  author={Maria Tenje and Maria Lundgren and Ann-Margret Sw{\"a}rd-Nilsson and Jens Kjeldsen-Kragh and Lena Lyxe and Andreas Lenshof},
  journal={Biomedical microdevices},
  volume={17 5},
This work presents the development of a miniaturized system for removing plasma proteins and other low-molecular-weight compounds from red blood cell (RBC) concentrate in a simple one-step-process using integrated ultrasound. The technology utilizes the principles of acoustophoresis to transfer the RBCs from the original plasma-containing solution into a protein-free SAG-M additive solution in a continuous flow process. The preparation of protein free RBC concentrate is important for blood… CONTINUE READING
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