Acousto-mechanical and thermal properties of clotted blood.

  title={Acousto-mechanical and thermal properties of clotted blood.},
  author={Volodymyr M Nahirnyak and Suk Wang Yoon and Christy K. Holland},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={119 6},
The efficacy of ultrasound-assisted thrombolysis as an adjunct treatment of ischemic stroke is being widely investigated. To determine the role of ultrasound hyperthermia in the process of blood clot disruption, the acousto-mechanical and thermal properties of clotted blood were measured in vitro, namely, density, speed of sound, frequency-dependent attenuation, specific heat, and thermal conductivity. The amplitude coefficient of attenuation of the clots was determined for 120 kHz, 1.0 MHz… CONTINUE READING


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