Acoustical comparison of the monophthong systems in Finnish, Mongolian and Udmurt

  title={Acoustical comparison of the monophthong systems in Finnish, Mongolian and Udmurt},
  author={Antti Iivonen and Huhe Harnud},
  journal={Journal of the International Phonetic Association},
  pages={59 - 71}
We compare the vowel systems of Finnish, Mongolian (in China) and Udmurt, and illustrate the average placements of their monophthongal vowel types on F1/F2 plots. Mongolian has more vowel phonemes (12 long and 12 short ones) than Finnish (eight long and eight short) and Udmurt (seven). Some basic linguistic characteristics and key word lists of the three languages are presented. For comparison we utilise psychoacoustical F1/F2 formant charts which are fairly good approximations to the vowel… 
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