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Acoustic effects at prehistoric landscapes: an archaeoacoustics analysis of rock art sites from the Western Mediterranean

  title={Acoustic effects at prehistoric landscapes: an archaeoacoustics analysis of rock art sites from the Western Mediterranean},
  author={Margarita D{\'i}az‐Andreu and Angelo Farina and Enrico Nicola Armelloni and Laura Coltofean and Mathieu Picas and Tommaso Mattioli},
Many pre-state societies around the world give special importance to places where distinctive acoustic effects are generated. These places often receive special treatment including the production of rock paintings in them. In the Western Mediterranean, it seems that outstanding acoustic effects such as directional echoes, augmented audibility and long reverberation time are present in some rock art areas with Neolithic depictions made between the 7 and 4 millennia BC. These have been painted in… Expand

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