Acoustic droplet vaporization and propulsion of perfluorocarbon-loaded microbullets for targeted tissue penetration and deformation.

  title={Acoustic droplet vaporization and propulsion of perfluorocarbon-loaded microbullets for targeted tissue penetration and deformation.},
  author={Daniel Kagan and Michael J. Benchimol and Jonathan C. Claussen and Erdembileg Chuluun-Erdene and Sadik C. Esener and Joseph Wang},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={51 30},
Acoustic droplet vaporization of perfluorocarbon-loaded microbullets triggered by an ultrasound pulse provides the necessary force to penetrate, cleave, and deform cellular tissue for potential targeted drug delivery and precision nanosurgery. 

Acoustic Microcannons: Toward Advanced Microballistics.

This acoustic-microcannon approach could be translated into advanced microscale ballistic tools, capable of efficient loading and firing of multiple cargoes, and offer improved accessibility to target locations and enhanced tissue penetration properties.

Noninvasive Transdermal Delivery System of Lidocaine Using an Acoustic Droplet-Vaporization Based Wearable Patch.

It is envisioned that the integration of ADV-based transdermal devices could be expanded to the depth-dependent delivery of other pain management, vaccines, and gene therapy modalities.

Microfluidic fabrication of perfluorohexane-shelled double emulsions for controlled loading and acoustic-triggered release of hydrophilic agents.

This work takes advantage of microfluidic technologies to fabricate double emulsions consisting of large aqueous cores and a perfluorohexane (PFH) shell, thus yielding high loading capacities for hydrophilic agents.

Acoustic signal characteristics of laser induced cavitation in DDFP droplet: Spectrum and time-frequency analysis.

Droplets with a liquid dodecafluoropentane (DDFP) core enclosed in an albumin shell have a stable and simple structure with good characteristics of laser absorbing; thus, DDFP droplets could be an effective aim for laser-induced cavitation.

Superfast Near-Infrared Light-Driven Polymer Multilayer Rockets.

A gold nanoshell-functionalized polymer multilayer nanorocket performs self-propulsion upon the irradiation with NIR light in the absence of chemical fuel and displays -efficient Nir light-triggered propulsion in biofluids and thus holds considerable promise for various potential biomedical applications.

On the shape-dependent propulsion of nano- and microparticles by traveling ultrasound waves

We address the propulsion mechanism of ultrasound-propelled nano- and microparticles that are exposed to a traveling ultrasound wave. Based on direct computational fluid dynamics simulations, we

Tumbling Magnetic Microrobots for Biomedical Applications

This paper presents a magnetic microrobot that demonstrates the ability to travel through wet conditions inside a murine colon. Under the influence of an external rotating magnetic field, it tumbles



Acoustic droplet vaporization threshold: effects of pulse duration and contrast agent

Two methods to lower the ADV threshold at a lower 1.44 MHz were explored, finding the threshold was found to be 5.5-5.9 MPa for short microsecond pulses and decreased for millisecond pulses.

Bubble evolution in acoustic droplet vaporization at physiological temperature via ultra-high speed imaging

Acoustic droplet vaporization in a rigid tube at body temperature was investigated experimentally using an ultra-high speed camera. This study was motivated by gas embolotherapy, a developmental

Controlled propulsion of artificial magnetic nanostructured propellers.

The construction and operation of chiral colloidal propellers that can be navigated in water with micrometer-level precision using homogeneous magnetic fields are reported.

Microbots swimming in the flowing streams of microfluidic channels.

The motion of self-propelled catalytic Ti/Fe/Pt rolled-up microtubes (microbots) in the microchannels of a microfluidics system are described and the transport of multiple spherical microparticles into desired locations is achieved.

Drug loaded microbubble design for ultrasound triggered delivery

Why it is attractive to load the microbubbles with drugs is described and recent attempts made in the design of drug loaded microbubble are discussed.

Microbubbles in ultrasound-triggered drug and gene delivery.