Acoustic detection of North Pacific right whales in a high-traffic Aleutian Pass, 2009-2015

  title={Acoustic detection of North Pacific right whales in a high-traffic Aleutian Pass, 2009-2015},
  author={Dana L. Wright and Manuel Castellote and Catherine L. Berchok and Dimitri W. Ponirakis and Jessica L. Crance and Phillip J. Clapham},
  journal={Endangered Species Research},
Little is known about the winter distribution of the Critically Endangered eastern population of North Pacific right whale Eubalaena japonica (NPRW), but it has been proposed that the eastern Aleutian Islands, specifically Unimak Pass, constitute a plausible migratory route for individuals. This is a major point of concern given the high shipping traffic in this pass. Therefore, a long-term acoustic recorder was deployed in Unimak Pass (2009−2015), and NPRWs were identified using the ‘up’ and… 
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