Acoustic characterization of mechanical valve condition and loading.

  title={Acoustic characterization of mechanical valve condition and loading.},
  author={Allen C. Eberhardt and Charles E. Chassaing and Michael A. Ward and S. Lewandowski},
  journal={The Journal of heart valve disease},
  volume={4 6},
  pages={649-58; discussion 658-9}
Both closing dynamics and the mechanical condition of a Björk-Shiley Convexo-Concave (BSCC) valve are significant in assessing the risks of outlet strut fracture. Risk of fracture increases with the presence of a pre-existing fracture in one of the two strut legs and with magnitude and frequency of loading. Recent analyses of in vivo data collected in clinical studies, and in vitro data from a computer-controlled pulse duplicator, indicate that the condition of an outlet strut can be evaluated… CONTINUE READING

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