Acoustic Side-Channel Attacks on Printers

  title={Acoustic Side-Channel Attacks on Printers},
  author={Michael Backes and Markus D{\"u}rmuth and Sebastian Gerling and Manfred Pinkal and Caroline Sporleder},
  booktitle={USENIX Security Symposium},
We examine the problem of acoustic emanations of printers. We present a novel attack that recovers what a dotmatrix printer processing English text is printing based on a record of the sound it makes, if the microphone is close enough to the printer. In our experiments, the attack recovers up to72 % of printed words, and up to 95 % if we assume contextual knowledge about the text, with a microphone at a distance of 10cm from the printer. After an upfront training phase, the attack is fully… CONTINUE READING
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