Acoustic Localization Phenomena in Ferroelectric Nanophononic Devices

  title={Acoustic Localization Phenomena in Ferroelectric Nanophononic Devices},
  author={Axel E. Bruchhausen and Norberto D. Lanzillotti-Kimura and Bernard Jusserand and Arsen Soukiassian and Darrell G. Schlom and Thomas Dekorsy and Alejandro Fainstein},
The engineering of phononic resonances in ferroelectric structures appears as a new knob in the design and realization of novel multifunctional devices. In this work we experimentally study phononic resonators based on insulating (BaTiO3, SrTiO3) and metallic (SrRuO3) oxides. We experimentally demonstrate the confinement of acoustic waves in the 100 GHz frequency range in a phonon nanocavity, the time and spatial beatings resulting from the coupling of two different hybrid nanocavities forming… Expand
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