Acoustic Emission Assessment of Non Visible Defects on Multistrand Cable


One type of deterioration in bridges is the consequence of steel cable damage. This degradation occurs by cracking and then rupture of elementary steel wires, constitutive of the cable. We have tested acoustic emission as a technique for the detection and the monitoring of the non visible disorders taking place in these cable. These defects are already broken wires under an anchorage. The installation of an acoustic monitoring system permits us to have a good detection of this defects in spite of the damping on this type of structure. Global AE parameters like number of events, counts and amplitudes can be used for an easy distinction between a healthy cable and a damaged one. Indeed, an increase of acoustic activity by a factor 25 to 100 is noticed when defects are present in a cable. The final objective of this research is to provide to transportation management authorities an easy to use bridge inspection method to quantify the healthiness of the steel cables.

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