Acoustic Bessel-like beam formation by an axisymmetric grating

  title={Acoustic Bessel-like beam formation by an axisymmetric grating},
  author={N. Jim'enez and V. Romero-Garc{\'i}a and R. Pic{\'o} and A. Cebrecos and V. S{\'a}nchez-Morcillo and L. M. Garc'ia-Raffi and J. S'anchez-P'erez and K. Staliūnas},
We report Bessel-like beam formation of acoustic waves by means of an axisymmetric grating of rigid tori. The results show that the generated beam pattern is similar to that of Bessel beams, characterized by elongated non-diffracting focal spots. A multiple foci structure is observed, due to the finite size of the lens. The dependence of the focal distance on the frequency is also discussed, on the basis of an extended grating theory. Experimental validation of acoustic Bessel-like beam… Expand
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International Congress on Ultrasonics , 2015 ICU Metz High-order acoustic Bessel beam generation by spiral gratings
  • N. Jiméneza, V. J. Sánchez-Morcilloa, R. Picóa, L. M. Garcia-Ra, V. Romero-Garciac, K. Staliunasd
  • 2015
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