Acousmatic Fabrications: Les Paul and the ‘Les Paulverizer’

  title={Acousmatic Fabrications: Les Paul and the ‘Les Paulverizer’},
  author={Brian C. P. Kane},
  journal={Journal of Visual Culture},
  pages={212 - 231}
  • B. Kane
  • Published 1 August 2011
  • Physics
  • Journal of Visual Culture
Acousmatic sound – a sound that one hears without seeing the causes behind it – creates situations where visual contributions to auditory experience are diminished. The author theorizes that acousmatic separation unsettles the relationship of the source, cause and effect of sound. To draw out the consequences of this theory, Les Paul and Mary Ford’s multi-tracked recordings and live performances are examined, and three central claims are posited. First, Paul’s turn to multi-tracked recording… 
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