Acoso sexual callejero y estrategias comunicativas. Un análisis comparado entre España y Marruecos

  title={Acoso sexual callejero y estrategias comunicativas. Un an{\'a}lisis comparado entre Espa{\~n}a y Marruecos},
  author={Bel{\'e}n Zurbano Berenguer and Irene Liberia Vay{\'a} and Aicha Bouchara},
Gender-based street harassment is a common form of intimidation and control of women in the patriarchal society. It constitutes a violation of human rights and it is widely present in all societies today. In this paper we assume the gender perspective to understand the street harassment as a manifestation of gender-based violence. Then, we go in depth into media representations of this kind of practices, focusing on traditional media as well as alternative media. All this assuming that this… CONTINUE READING