• Psychology
  • Published 2017

Acompañamiento al proceso psico-emocional en niños y adolescentes de 7 a 15 años con diagnóstico de cáncer que participan en la formación en artes escénicas 2016 de la Fundación Cecilia Rivadeneira

  title={Acompa{\~n}amiento al proceso psico-emocional en ni{\~n}os y adolescentes de 7 a 15 a{\~n}os con diagn{\'o}stico de c{\'a}ncer que participan en la formaci{\'o}n en artes esc{\'e}nicas 2016 de la Fundaci{\'o}n Cecilia Rivadeneira},
  author={Borja Acosta and Esteban Andr{\'e}s},
The present paper tries to systematize and follow the psycho-emotional process in the performing arts training at Cecilia Rivadeneira´ s farm- school foundation in 2016. This process is based on the implementation of playful tools in order to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety that / Children and adolescents with a diagnosis of cancer can present. It shows the description of the play tools implemented through the process and the purpose of them in each intervention. Based on… CONTINUE READING