Acne: a new model of immune-mediated chronic inflammatory skin disease.

  title={Acne: a new model of immune-mediated chronic inflammatory skin disease.},
  author={Emiliano Antiga and Alice Verdelli and Diletta Bonciani and Veronica Bonciolini and Marzia Caproni and Paolo Fabbri},
  journal={Giornale italiano di dermatologia e venereologia : organo ufficiale, Societa italiana di dermatologia e sifilografia},
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Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous-pilosebaceous unit. Interestingly, inflammation can be detected by histopathological examination and immuohistochemical analysis even in the apparently non-inflammatory acneic lesions, such as comedones. In the last years, it has been clearly demonstrated that acne development is linked to the combination of predisposing genetic factors and environmental triggers, among which a prominent role is played by the follicular colonization by… CONTINUE READING