Acidophiles in bioreactor mineral processing

  title={Acidophiles in bioreactor mineral processing},
  author={Paul R. Norris and Nicolas P Burton and N. A. M. Foulis},
Abstract Mineral processing in bioreactors has become established in several countries during the past decade with industrial application of iron- and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria to release occluded gold from mineral sulfides. Cobalt extraction in bioreactors has also been commercialized, and development of high-temperature biooxidation of copper sulfides has reached pilot-plant scale. A variety of potentially useful mineral sulfide-oxidizing thermophiles have been recognized, but the most active… 
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Theoretical and pragmatic aspects of assembling microbial consortia to process different mineral ores and concentrates, and the challenges for using constructed Consortia in non-sterile industrial-scale operations are discussed.
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The remarkable adaptability of these organisms is assisted by several of the processes being continuous-flow systems that enable the continual selection of microorganisms that are more efficient at mineral degradation.
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This mini-review focuses on the acidophilic microbial diversity and application of those microorganisms toward solid industrial wastes.
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ABSTRACT Bio-hydrometallurgical applications have been receiving more attention globally for processing of several metal bearing wastes. Developments in bioleaching enable this technique to be
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In this paper, a brief outline is presented on acidic ferric ion oxidation of mineral sulphides for the extraction of metals in both stirred tank reactors for mineral concentrates and heaps for


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It has been most satisfying to see the emergence of bacterial leaching technology from laboratory experimentation through to commercial acceptance. The use of moderate thermophiles for commercial
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Acidophilic microorganisms that oxidize iron and sulfur can be exposed to high temperatures in geothermal environments and in some heaps of ores and mine wastes and may succeed one another as exothermic oxidation reactions increase the temperature in the industrial heaps.
Characteristics of Sulfobacillus acidophilus sp. nov. and other moderately thermophilic mineral-sulphide-oxidizing bacteria.
Several isolates of Gram-positive, acidophilic, moderately thermophilic, ferrous-iron- and mineral-sulphide-oxidizing bacteria were examined to establish unequivocally the characteristics of
Acidimicrobium ferrooxidans gen. nov., sp. nov.: mixed-culture ferrous iron oxidation with Sulfobacillus species.
The capacity of this species to fix CO2 from air was greater than that of iron-oxidizing thermoacidophiles of the genus Sulfobacillus, which required an enhanced CO2 concentration for optimum autotrophic growth.
The BIOX® Process for Biooxidation of Gold-Bearing Ores or Concentrates
GENCOR S.A. Ltd. has pioneered the commercialization of biooxidation of refractory gold ores. Development of the BIOX® process started in the late 197os at GENCOR Process Research, in Johannesburg,