Acidity in the endolymphatic sac fluid of guinea pigs.

  title={Acidity in the endolymphatic sac fluid of guinea pigs.},
  author={S. Tsujikawa and Toshio Yamashita and Hiro Amano and Tadami Kumazawa and K. H. Vosteen},
  journal={ORL; journal for oto-rhino-laryngology and its related specialties},
  volume={54 4},
The pH value and the DC potential in the endolymphatic sac (ES) were measured using H(+)-selective double-barreled electrodes and the intra- and extradural approach, the pH value in the ES fluid (6.65 +/- 0.12, n = 7) was markedly lower than that in the cerebrospinal fluid (7.39 +/- 0.07, n = 7). Acidity in the ES fluid, under normal (nontreated) conditions may be closely associated with metabolism in the epithelium of the ES. 

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