Acidified glycerol lysis test: a screening test for spherocytosis.

  title={Acidified glycerol lysis test: a screening test for spherocytosis.},
  author={Alberto Zanella and Chiara Izzo and Paolo Rebulla and F Zanuso and Lucia Perroni and Girolamo Sirchia},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={45 3},
Acidified glycerol lysis test (AGLT) is a screening procedure which has been developed for spherocytosis. AGLT was found positive in 100% of 48 patients suffering from hereditary spherocytosis, 100% of nine couples of affected parents, and 86% of 14 couples of clinically healthy parents. The test was positive in acquired spherocytosis and negative in normal controls. AGLT appears to have a predictive value higher than the entire battery of conventional tests. It is simple, rapid, inexpensive… CONTINUE READING