Acid stability of anti-Helicobacter pyroli IgY in aqueous polyol solution.

  title={Acid stability of anti-Helicobacter pyroli IgY in aqueous polyol solution.},
  author={Kyong Ae Lee and Sung Keun Chang and Yoon Jin Lee and Jong Hwa Lee and Nan Sook Koo},
  journal={Journal of biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={35 5},
IgY was separated from a hen's egg yolk that was immunized with Helicobacter pyroli. The anti-H. pyroli IgY activity at acidic pH and the suppressive effect of polyol on acid-induced inactivation of IgY were investigated. Sorbitol and xylitol were used as polyols. IgY was quite stable at pH 5-7. Irreversible inactivation of IgY was observed at pH below 4, and proceeded rapidly at pH below 3. The acid stability of IgY was enhanced in the presence of 30% sorbitol or above. In a 50% aqueous… CONTINUE READING

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