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Acid rain and its ecological consequences.

  title={Acid rain and its ecological consequences.},
  author={Anita R. J. Singh and Madhoolika Agrawal},
  journal={Journal of environmental biology},
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Acidification of rain-water is identified as one of the most serious environmental problems of transboundary nature. Acid rain is mainly a mixture of sulphuric and nitric acids depending upon the relative quantities of oxides of sulphur and nitrogen emissions. Due to the interaction of these acids with other constituents of the atmosphere, protons are released causing increase in the soil acidity Lowering of soil pH mobilizes and leaches away nutrient cations and increases availability of toxic… Expand
A review on acid rain: An environmental threat
Acid rain is one of the utmost serious environmental problems that arose due to air pollution. It also contributes to climate warming. It has a pH of less than 5.6. The main purpose of the review isExpand
Acid Rain is a Local Environment Pollution but Global Concern
The harmful effect of acid rain is considered as one of the most serious environmental problems in the modern globalized world. The effects of acid rain have reached dramatically mainly in theExpand
Effect of simulated acid rain on soil CO2, CH4 and N2O emissions and microbial communities in an agricultural soil
Abstract Since the advent of industrialization and urbanization, acid rain has emerged as one of the quintessential global environmental issues. However, the effects of acid rain on carbon (C) andExpand
Comparative effects of sulfuric and nitric acid rain on litter decomposition and soil microbial community in subtropical plantation of Yangtze River Delta region.
The results suggest that the ratio of SO42- to NO3- in acid rain is an important factor which could affect litter decomposition and soil microbial in subtropical forest of China. Expand
Functional Relationships of Soil Acidification, Liming, and Greenhouse Gas Flux
Abstract Soil acidification can be accelerated by intensive farming or prevented by sustainable management practices. Soil acidification in a managed agricultural production system is caused by theExpand
Salt in the wound: The interfering effect of road salt on acidified forest catchments.
It is proposed that the input of road salt can significantly affect acidity regime and acidification recovery of forest ecosystems and shown that the pollution of near-surface groundwater (interflow) by road salt application can have lasting effects on ecosystem processes over distances of several hundred metres apart from the salt emitting road. Expand
Effect of Acid Rain on Plant Growth and Development: Physiological and Molecular Interventions
Air pollution has been a key problem for a long time in cities and peri-urban areas. Recently, this issue has become a social problem due to rapid industrial and economic development in manyExpand
Acid rain reduces soil CO2 emission and promotes soil organic carbon accumulation in association with decreasing the biomass and biological activity of ecosystems: A meta-analysis
  • Ziqiang Liu, Zhaoji Shi, Hui Wei, Jiaen Zhang
  • Chemistry
  • 2022
Abstract Acid rain, as one of the global environmental issues, alters the biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems. However, the responses of soil greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions to acid rainExpand
Mozambique Tilapia (Tilapia mossambica,) are commonly used as useful bio-indicators during environmental pollution monitoring and in the assessment of aquatic environment quality. Acid rain inducesExpand
Springs as models to unveil ecological drivers and responses : Perspectives for ecosystem theory from neglected ecosystems
It is proposed that the input of road salt can significantly affect acidity regime and acidification recovery of forest ecosystems and shown that the pollution of near-surface groundwater (interflow) by road salt application can have lasting effects on ecosystem processes over distances of several hundred metres apart from the salt emitting road. Expand


Soil-Mediated Effects of Atmospherically Deposited Sulphur and Nitrogen [and Discussion]
The soil mediates both terrestrial and aquatic effects of sulphur (S) and nitrogen (N) deposition in a number of ways, and benefits of S or N deposition may outweigh negative effects in some sites, whereas the reverse may be true for other sites, making broad, global generalizations hazardous. Expand
Atmospheric pollutants and their influence on acidification of rain water at an industrial location on the West Coast OF India
The chemical analysis of rain water samples at 11 locations along with measurements of atmospheric aerosols and their size distributions were made to study the influence of pollutants onExpand
A Global Analysis of Acidification and Eutrophication of Terrestrial Ecosystems
This paper presents an explorative, quantitative analysis of acidification and eutrophication of natural terrestrial ecosystems caused by excess sulfur (S) and nitrogen (N) deposition. The analysisExpand
Effects of acidic precipitation and acidity on soil microbial processes
Effects of soil acidity on microbial decomposition of organic matter and transformation of N in an acid forest soil were investigated. In the oak-leaf-amended pH-adjusted acid soils, CO2 productionExpand
Botanical aspects of Acidic precipitation
  • L. S. Evans
  • Environmental Science
  • The Botanical Review
  • 2008
Acidic precipitation can be characterized as wet or frozen atmospheric deposition with a hydrogen ion concentration greater than 2.5 μeq liter-1. Acidic precipitation is perceived as a significantExpand
Effects of Simulated Acid Rain on Glucose Mineralization and Some Physicochemical Properties of Forest Soils
To study the effects of acid rain, samples of forest soils were exposed to a continuous application of 100 cm of simulated acid rain (pH 3.2-4.1) at 5 cm/hour, or to intermittent 1-hour applicationsExpand
The influence of acidic pond water on amphibians: A review
It is however quite clear that temporary ponds are extremely vulnerable to acidification by rain and that they require continued monitoring in order to detect future changes in biological and/or chemical characteristics. Expand
Effect of Industrial Emission on Atmospheric Wet Deposition
In order to quantify the role of industries on atmospheric depositions, wet depositions were collected at different sites in Singrauli area of Sonbhadra district, U.P., India. Rainwater samples wereExpand
Acid rain and soil microbial activity: effects and their mechanisms
In this investigation, our aim was to determine if acid rain affects soil microbial activity and to identify possible mechanisms of observed effects. A Sierran forest soil (pH 6.4) planted withExpand
Acid rain on Bermuda
Increased acidity of precipitation due to combustion of fossil fuels has been well documented for both the eastern USA1 and Canada2. The SO2 and NOxemitted by the burning of coal, natural gas, fuelExpand