Acid-base equilibrium of the Schiff base in bacteriorhodopsin.

  title={Acid-base equilibrium of the Schiff base in bacteriorhodopsin.},
  author={S. Druckmann and Michael Ottolenghi and Ajay Pande and Jayanti Pande and Robert H. Callender},
  volume={21 20},
Aqueous suspensions of dark-adapted bacteriorhodopsin (bR560) in the purple membrane of Halobacterium halobium are exposed to rapid jumps to high pH. Optical and resonance Raman measurements are carried out by using flow and stationary methods. Above pH congruent to 11.5 bR560 starts to be reversibly converted to a species absorbing at 460 nm (bR460) characterized by an unprotonated Schiff base chromophore. Above pH congruent to 13.0 bleaching takes place, first reversibly and subsequently… CONTINUE READING


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