Achilles Tendon Repair- A Systematic Review of Overlapping Meta-Analyses

  title={Achilles Tendon Repair- A Systematic Review of Overlapping Meta-Analyses},
  author={Eoghan T. Hurley and Youichi Yasui and Arianna L. Gianakos and Dexter Seow and Joseph Kromka and Yoshiharu Shimozono and Robin D. Megill and John G Kennedy},
  journal={Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics},
Category:SportsIntroduction/Purpose:Acute Achilles tendon ruptures (ATR) are a common sports-related injury with an incidence of between 8-37 per 100,000 per year. While there are several meta-analyses published on the optimal treatment of ATR based on randomized control trials, the reported outcomes conflict between each meta-analysis due to different methodologies. The aim of this study is to systematically review the clinical results represented in meta-analyses in the current literature on… CONTINUE READING

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