Achieving directed immunostimulating complexes incorporation.


In recent years, several studies have been reported with the common aim of generating general expression systems for straightforward production and subsequent coupling of expressed antigens to an adjuvant system. Here, we describe a series of such efforts with a common theme of using gene fusion technology for association of recombinant antigens to… (More)


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@article{Wikman2006AchievingDI, title={Achieving directed immunostimulating complexes incorporation.}, author={Maria Wikman and Mikaela Friedman and Sunan Pinitkiatisakul and Christin V. Andersson and Karin L{\"{o}vgren-Bengtsson and Anna Lund{\'e}n and Stefan W Stahl}, journal={Expert review of vaccines}, year={2006}, volume={5 3}, pages={395-403} }