Achievement of glycemic outcome goals in pediatric diabetes: the impact of staff number.


Achieving optimal glycemic control has become a priority of diabetes management to minimize complications. However, the impact of staff number on glycemic outcome has not been examined in pediatric diabetes practice. We retrospectively analyzed this relationship in patients attending a pediatric diabetes outpatient clinic from 1997 through 2004. We also examined the impact of the program on hospitalizations. A linear trend for higher staff number was associated with lower HbAlc. The data suggests that a mean clinic HbAlc of 8% might be achieved with 3.2 staff per 100 patients. Repeat hospitalizations were considerably reduced by the program. The preliminary data suggest that an increase in staff number can improve glycemic control and reduce hospitalizations in a largely indigent pediatric diabetes population. We hope that this data will serve as an impetus to further research of workforce requirements to optimize staff number, training, and specialization needed for optimal health outcomes in children with diabetes.

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