Achalasia 2016: Treatment Alternatives.


The treatment for achalasia changed dramatically after the introduction of minimally invasive surgery. Since 1991, laparoscopic Heller myotomy (LHM) has replaced pneumatic dilatation (PD) as the primary form of treatment in many centers. Over time, PD became safer, and eventually endoscopic experts were able to perform an endoscopic myotomy via a per oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM). This article reviews the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. Ultimately, the best outcomes are obtained by a multidisciplinary team that can tailor a specific treatment to each individual patient.

DOI: 10.1089/lap.2016.0468

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@article{Herbella2017Achalasia2T, title={Achalasia 2016: Treatment Alternatives.}, author={Fernando A. M. Herbella and Eduardo Guimar{\~a}es Hourneaux de Moura and Marco Giuseppe Patti}, journal={Journal of laparoendoscopic & advanced surgical techniques. Part A}, year={2017}, volume={27 1}, pages={6-11} }