Acetylcysteine and contrast agent-associated nephrotoxicity.

  title={Acetylcysteine and contrast agent-associated nephrotoxicity.},
  author={Carlo Briguori and Fiore Manganelli and Pierfranco Scarpato and Pietro Paolo Elia and Bruno Golia and Guido Riviezzo and Stefano Lepore and Mariateresa Librera and Bruno Villari and Antonio Colombo and Bruno Ricciardelli},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Cardiology},
  volume={40 2},
OBJECTIVES Prophylactic acetylcysteine along with hydration seems to be better than hydration alone in preventing the reduction in renal function induced by a contrast dye. BACKGROUND Contrast media can lead to acute renal failure that may occasionally require hemodialysis. METHODS One hundred eighty-three consecutive patients with impairment of renal function, undergoing coronary and/or peripheral angiography and/or angioplasty, were randomly assigned to receive 0.45% saline intravenously… CONTINUE READING