Acetylation alters the feeding response to MSH and beta-endorphin.

  title={Acetylation alters the feeding response to MSH and beta-endorphin.},
  author={Shinji Tsujii and George A. Bray},
  journal={Brain research bulletin},
  volume={23 3},
The effects on food intake of the N-acetylation of MSH and beta-endorphin have been examined following their injection into the third ventricle. Desacetyl-MSH and alpha-MSH were injected into fasted rats, and beta-endorphin and N-acetyl-beta-endorphin into fed rats. Desacetyl-MSH had no effect on food intake following ICV injection into food-deprived rats at any dose between 100 and 2500 pmoles. Alpha-MSH, the N-acetylated form of MSH, on the other hand, showed a highly significant inhibition… CONTINUE READING
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