Acetone-butanol fermentation of xylose and sugar mixtures

  title={Acetone-butanol fermentation of xylose and sugar mixtures},
  author={Morris Wayman and Shiyuan Yu},
  journal={Biotechnology Letters},
Three strains ofCl. acetobutylicum and one ofCl. butyricum have been tested for their ability to ferment xylose to butanol. ATCC 824 and NRRL 527 produced 0.28 g solvents/g xylose, while ATCC 8260 and NRRL 594 produced much butyric acid. In 2-stage fermentations in which ATCC 8260 or NRRL 594 acted upon xylose for 12 to 20 h, followed by NRRL 527 for a total of 3 days, yields of solvent were better, 0.32 g/g xylose. Upon fermenting a mixture of sugars simulating sulphite waste liquor 0.36 g… CONTINUE READING

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