Acetazolamide in prevention of acute mountain sickness.

  title={Acetazolamide in prevention of acute mountain sickness.},
  author={Iain B McIntosh and Robin J. Prescott},
  journal={The Journal of international medical research},
  volume={14 5},
A controlled comparative between-group study of 48 climbers ascending Kilimanjaro (5895m) was designed as an extension to our previous double-blind cross-over trial on the same peak in 1980, using acetazolamide to decrease the incidence and effects of Acute Mountain Sickness. A group taking acetazolamide 500 mg each morning for one day before reaching 3000m were compared with 3 control groups of Caucasian subjects and lowland and highland Africans. Efficacy was assessed on climbing performance… CONTINUE READING