Acetazolamide: future perspective in topical glaucoma therapeutics.

  title={Acetazolamide: future perspective in topical glaucoma therapeutics.},
  author={Indu Pal Kaur and Rachapalli Smitha and Deepika Aggarwal and Mona Kapil},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={248 1-2},
Through this review it is contemplated that acetazolamide (ACZ), an age-old treatment for glaucoma with a myriad of side effects and inadequate topical effectiveness, may be formulated into a topically effective agent by utilizing various newer formulation approaches of ocular drug delivery. Even though it has a poor solubility and penetration power, various studies mentioned in the review indicate that it is possible to successfully formulate topically effective ACZ by using: (i) high… CONTINUE READING
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