Acerca de la formación de los profesionales de salud pública, algunos avances y muchos retos. Informe SESPAS 2010

  title={Acerca de la formaci{\'o}n de los profesionales de salud p{\'u}blica, algunos avances y muchos retos. Informe SESPAS 2010},
  author={Fernando Garc{\'i}a Benavides},
  journal={Gaceta Sanitaria},
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Evaluación por competencias en Salud: revisión de literatura
The objective of the paper is to identify the current trends in competency-based evaluation in the field of health, based on review of scientific literature. A review of primary, secondary and
[Training in Spain of medical specialists in Preventive Medicine and Public Health].
El grupo de reflexión está formado por miembros de la Comisión Nacional de la Especialidad de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública, e incluye a Ana Almaraz, Miguel Delgado-Rodríguez, Joaquín
La formación en España de médicos especialistas en Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública
El grupo de reflexion esta formado por miembros de la Comision Nacional de la Especialidad de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Publica, e incluye a Ana Almaraz, Miguel Delgado-Rodriguez, Joaquin
Erratum to "Health in all policies, a challenge for public health in Spain: SESPAS Report 2010"
En el articulo «La salud en todas las politicas, un retopara la salud publica en Espana. Informe SESPAS 2010˜ » (GacSanit. 2010;24[Suppl 1]:1–6) se ha detectado que por error seha omitido la


Who will keep the public healthy?: Educating public health professionals for the 21st century.
Eight areas of critical importance to public health education in the 21st century are examined in depth: informatics, genomics, communication, cultural competence, community-based participatory research, global health, policy and law, and public health ethics.
Considerations for increasing the competences and capacities of the public health workforce: assessing the training needs of public health workers in Texas
Overall, the level of perceived training needs varied dramatically by job category and health department type, but public health workers with greater day-to-day contact indicated a greater need for training than their peers who did not.
The public health infrastructure and our nation's health.
It is concluded that a newly strengthened public health infrastructure must be sustained in the future through a balancing of the values inherent in the federal system.
The public health workforce.
Defining the public health workforce and specifying its performance requirements present equal challenges as the nation anticipates public health needs for the twenty-first century. The core group of
Outcome-based workforce development and education in public health.
  • D. Koo, K. Miner
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Annual review of public health
  • 2010
A framework for workforce education in public health is recommended, integrating three critical conceptual approaches: (a) adult learning theory; (b) competency-based education; and (c) the expanded Dreyfus model inpublic health, an addition to the DreyFus model of professional skills progression.
Las competencias profesionales en Salud Pública
Recibido: 25 de mayo de 2005. Aceptado: 12 de junio de 2005. L a Sociedad Espanola de Salud Publica y Administracion Sanitaria (SESPAS) y la Sociedad Espanola de Epidemiologia (SEE) (1), conscientes
Perspectives on public health workforce research.
A strategic framework for public health workforce research is outlined that includes six functional areas (ie, definition and standards, data, methodology, evaluation, policy, and dissemination and translation) and is summarized as eight major research themes.