Acenocoumarol: A Review of Anticoagulant Efficacy and Safety.

  title={Acenocoumarol: A Review of Anticoagulant Efficacy and Safety.},
  author={Abhijit Trailokya and J S Hiremath and Jps Sawhney and Yugal Kishore Mishra and Vivek Madhav Kanhere and Rangasetty Srinivasa and Mangesh Tiwaskar},
  journal={The Journal of the Association of Physicians of India},
  volume={64 2},
Anticoagulant treatment is required for the treatment and prevention of thromboembolic disorders. Vitamin K antagonists are commonly used oral anticoagulants worldwide. Acenocoumarol is mono-coumarin derivative with racemic mixture of R (+) and S (-) enantiomers. Efficacy and safety of acenocoumarol has been evaluated in atrial fibrillation, cardiac valve replacement, after myocardial infarction, treatment of deep vein thrombosis, after major surgeries and after critical illness requiring… CONTINUE READING