[Accurate diagnosis by mammary echotomography].


Between November 1986 and july 1987 162 women and 8 men attending the outpatient senological department of Infermi Hospital, Biella were examined by means of anamnesis, clinical examination senography and echography. The results of this study are reported and compared with data in the literature. In line with the Moskowitz distinction, they confirm the greater reliability of senography for the detection (identification) of the lesion and the extreme usefulness of US for the diagnosis (characterization) of the lesion itself.

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@article{Ferrari1990AccurateDB, title={[Accurate diagnosis by mammary echotomography].}, author={Professor Annamaria Ferrari and Andrea Bargellini and D A Messori and Alessandro Favero}, journal={Minerva medica}, year={1990}, volume={81 3 Suppl}, pages={5-12} }